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Let's Finish What We've Started

All Hands In

Diversity And Inclusion

Stone Mountain Village is a diverse and inclusive community. Unfortunately, our community is fighting a negative history that portrays the opposite. I am proud of the steps the City and the community are making to ensure all are welcome and celebrated in Stone Mountain Village. I was proud to have voted for the Resolution 2019-18 Pursuant to the Fair Treatment of our Citizens. I also support funding the proposed ordinance on unlawful discrimination.

We have seen a focus on the fight for equality and social justice in America amplified in 2020. I was proud to be an organizer of the Stone Mountain March for Social Justice on June 20th. I am proud to have voted to include Juneteenth as a recognized holiday in Stone Mountain Village. There is still much work to be done!


Downtown Revitalization

My service to Stone Mountain Village began on the the Downtown Development Authority in 2006. Currently I am Vice Chair of the DDA, in the past I served as Chair, followed by serving as Treasurer and then Secretary. It is my belief that the revitalization of the Downtown business district is critical to the overall health and future growth of Stone Mountain. I believe we have turned the corner and are on the upswing of our growth potential. Although, there are still some vacancies on Main Street, I believe the businesses we have and the ones we are attracting are stronger and better prepared for success than ever. With the new businesses slated to open soon (Brewery, BBQ restaurant, renovation of the Old Post Office) our downtown will soon be the thriving and inviting place we know it can be.

I have been in full support of the Down Town Master Plan. See the Village Forward plan that was completed in August 2020 here.


Capital Improvements and SPLOST

The financial status of the City is the strongest it has been in over a decade. We have begun rebuilding reserves, have stopped needing to utilize tax anticipation note loans to cover cash flow throughout the year, and have removed long standing findings on the City audit. Our City Manager has done an excellent job of managing city finances and advising council on the recommended course of action. 

We have also begun spending SPLOST funds. The first large project, repaving on Ridge Avenue, is complete. We have purchased necessary police equipment with the funds. Next will be to determine what park improvements can be funded. 

The SPLOST funds have been a great help to the City and allowed us to complete much needed projects. However, the rules of how the funds can be spent are limiting. There are many stormwater related projects that need to be completed and they do not qualify for SPLOST. There are funding sources available that may help us fix major issues such as flooding at JBR and Ridge and on Sexton Drive. I will continue to work with Council and City Administration to find the funds needed.  



Communicating with our citizens is vital to the success of Stone Mountain. In the past year we have added a communication employee, begun publishing online newsletters, created a City Outreach Facebook page, held our first State of the City meeting, and begun our Government 101 series. 

Personally, I have begun posting recaps of each council meeting on my Facebook page.  And as a blog on this website.  

I am proud of the steps the City has made in the past 2 years to improve our communication. In addition, I would like to see a longer print newsletter done, one that would be funded by paid ad space. I would also like to see more press releases highlighting all of the good things happening in the Village. No one will tell the story we want told, so we must tell it ourselves. 

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