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Council Member Chakira Johnson

Serving Stone Mountain Village


November 2, 2021 Municipal Elections

Election for Mayor and 3 Council Seats


Qualified Candidates (updated as of close of the qualifying period on 08/19/2021 at 4:30pm):

     Beverly R. Jones
     Andrea Redmond    
     Eileen W. Smith

Council Member - Post 4
     Gil Freeman
     Diana Roe Hollis - Incumbent
     Richard Mailman
     Michael Schaaphok

Council Member - Post 5
     Shawnette Bryant - Incumbent
     Shani Linder

Council Member - Post 6
     Teresa Crowe    
     Ryan M. Smith
     Anthony Hernandez-Wallen

Election 2020

Today, October 5th, is the last day to register to VOTE!! You've heard me say that every single election is important, but this one is more important than ever!!

Use this link to register to vote or check your registration:…

And once you are ready to vote be informed. There are 2 proposed state constitutional amendments, a statewide referendum and a County Special Election question on the ballot.

Read up on the state amendments here:

And here is the best source I found for the County ethics question:

I hope you find this helpful as you make your decisions. I will be filling out and dropping off my absentee ballot today!! (The closest drop box is right at City Hall!)

Visit the County Elections page for information on ballot drop box locations and in-person early voting locations. In-Person Early Voting starts October 12th.

#vote #election2020 #goodtrouble


Thank you

December 4, 2019

The election ended 1 month ago and I still cannot thank you all enough for the support and encouragement received during the campaign. Again, I am humbled and proud to be able to continue the Stone Mountain Community for another 4 years!

As 2020 is fast approaching I am looking forward to the new challenges it will bring. I am certain that it will be a year of growth for our City! The DDA is set to begin a Master Plan that will help solidfy the vision for the City for the coming years. The City is looking to increase the efficiency, effictiveness, and responsiveness of staff on all levels.  We have many great businesses set to open in the coming months, new homes being constructed and plans to continue to spend our SPLOST dollars wisely! Stay tuned!


Election this Tuesday!

Last days of the Campaign

We are in the last days of the Campaign. Thank you for the support, whether it was making calls, handing out flyers, posting signs, donating, inviting me into your home, talking to your neighbors, or just sharing a kind word when I needed to hear it most, it has been both humbling and overwhelming! Between work, council obligations, DDA meetings, and an ill father in the hospital, I have not been able to personally speak to as many people as I would have liked. For that I do apologize.

I have heard questions about what has the City done with our tax dollars?? So, I went back through agendas for the past 4 years just to see what all we have accomplished. Let me tell you, we have been very busy! Check out this list below. 

I am making one final request... GET OUT AND VOTE!!! Every single vote is important and is needed. I will be voting for the INCUMBENTS, just look at all the good work we've accomplished! Let's finish what we've started, revitalizing downtown, improving our infrastructure, improving City finances, strengthening our Police Department, and better engaging with our Citizens. 

And remember, being on City Council is a team sport. A council member must work with the Mayor and fellow council members to build a consensus on each item that moves forward, we must work with the City Manager and all employees, and most importantly we must work with and listen to the Citizens that we represent.

Here is my promise, I am willing and able to do this work. I will listen to citizens, whether or not they voted for me or live in my neighborhood, Council Members represent all citizens. And I will work to build the consensus needed to accomplish the goals of our diverse City. 

You will also see on the ballot (if you have not already voted, and if you have... THANK YOU!) a question about DeKalb County Ethics. Please do research on this. I have read that it actually does not do enough for the ethics board and that what is already in place is better. So, I will be voting NO. Again, please research this issue. 

Okay, now on to that long list I promised you! 


  • Repaved a large portion of Ridge Avenue with SPLOST funds - $308,159

  • Completed phase 2 of the Train Depot renovations – allowing the Visitor Center to move into the larger space

  • Completed the East Mountain Sidewalk project

  • Completed multiple drainage projects in the Rockborough Subdivision

  • 2017 - Road Project on Churchill Court, Central Drive, and Ferndale - $28,316

  • 2018 – Repaved Zachary Drive - $176,985

  • Supported petitions for new traffic calming measures on Cloud Street and 2nd Street between JBR and E. Mountain Street.

Economic Development

  • More than 10 new businesses have opened or expanded in the last 2 years

  • Approved new construction at Hearthstone Subdivision, currently 10 new homes constructed or under construction

  • Major sponsor of the Tunes by the Tracks Concert series

  • Funded the Stone Mountain Farmer’s Market

  • Downtown Development Revolving Loan Fund support for 2 projects

  • The DDA sold 965 Main Street allowing for the rehab of the building and Stoned Pizza Kitchen to open

  • The DDA sold 5325 Manor Drive to Georgia Military College Foundation – providing the college the opportunity to expand

  • The DDA purchased 5379 E. Mountain Street and recently completed renovating the building, currently looking to lease the space


  • Removed critical findings on the annual audit report

  • Increased budget reserves which eliminated the need for a yearly finance loan (i.e. in 2016 we borrowed $825,000; 2017 borrowed $713,000; 2018 borrowed $357,000 and paid it back with interest)

  • Decreased 2019 millage rate to 21.00 mills: 2018 millage rate = 22.00 mills; 2017 millage rate = 22.27 mills

  • Repaid a considerable amount of the City’s General Fund obligation to the Storm Water Fund


  • Started the Government 101 information series

  • Started on online newsletter

  • Created a new outreach Facebook page


  • FY2019 – Increased the pay of each non-administrative officer by an entire grade

  • FY2019 – covered 100% of employee insurance premium

  • 2016 – provided tasers

  • Body cameras

  • Working to provide take home vehicles for officers

General Government

  • Heard the complaints from the Citizens and changed our sanitation provider to DeKalb County for an increased level of service

  • Adopted the resolution for the Fair Treatment of All Citizens

  • Heard the complaints from business owners on the slow process of having the County provide fire inspections – opted to take control of that process and increased the level of service, provide building inspections, fire marshal and permitting services)

  • Created the Parks and Recreation Committee

  • Completed the Comprehensive Plan Update in 2016

  • 2019 – appointed a new Chief Municipal Court Judge, added additional court days/times

  • Continual support of the Stone Mountain Community Garden

  • Created an ordinance to allow for the construction of a Tiny Home / Accessory Dwelling unit

  • Re-certified as a City of Ethics 2018

  • Approved proclamation to establish the City as a Purple Heart City – 2018

  • Adopted a revised animal ordinance 2018-2019

  • Initiated a Park Study through a grant with the Atlanta Regional Commission - ongoing

The Campaign Kicks Off

July 20, 2019

It is official, I will be running for re-election for Stone Mountain City Council. I hope to continue serving the Stone Mountain Village community. I would  be grateful and humbled to have your support.

The intent of this website is to have another avenue to stay connected with the community and keep them informed of my City Council duties, community involvement and status of the campaign for reelection. 

I hope you will visit and engage often!


875 Main St Stone Mountain GA United States 30083

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