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Council Recap Feb 1 2022

First off, thank you to everyone who has reached out. The support is appreciated more than I can express!

So, it was another 4 hour meeting of Council. Bear with me as I try to explain some of what occurred. About an hour into the meeting and we were still debating the minutes! I am not going to rehash the hypocrisy of some of my fellow council members, I suggest you watch the video. I will also not defend my character, track record or service to you, my community against Councilmember Freeman’s repeated slanderous remarks against me. Again, watch the video (my comments were about 2hrs and 12 mins in) where I addressed this and spoke out against the gaslighting comments. I will say this, I have faced you, the voters on 4 separate occasions and because of your support have won each election. It is my hope that Councilmember Freeman and others will recognize that you do not have to tear down someone else just to lift yourself up!

One remark I made during the meeting was that I am here to do the business of the City and to serve my community. It is beyond time that we, as a council move forward with the business of the City. We have made zero plans on how we will spend the ARPA money that is sitting in the bank. Every time a vote comes forward to spend SPLOST money on the parks the vote is delayed or derailed. Even votes to repave roads have come down to a tie.

When is the Council going to address the needs of our employees? We are understaffed in the police department and administration, we are without a public works director.

When is council going to meet in person? How can we attend an in person retreat, training, parties, etc but cannot conduct a council meeting in person?

How can we require our staff to be in a courtroom that is too unsafe to hold a council meeting? Court is conducted in that space twice a week with judges, staff and the public!

Why are only some citizens allowed to make comments and others are ignored and silenced?

Like many of you I am anxiously waiting for the council body and mayor to get our act together and get on with doing business!

On a higher note, we were able to take action on the following items:

  • Alcoholic Beverage Privilege license for ART Station was approved.

  • Appointments to Board of Ethics by Mayor and Council were approved.

  • Assets were declared surplus and will be auctioned off.

  • Stone Mountain Community Garden committee members were approved.

  • A budget up to $1,000 was approved for a mural at Medlock Park contingent upon council approval of the art work.

  • Budget resolutions for Fiscal Years 2021 and 2022 were adopted.

For more detailed discussion on these items please see my last post.

Disclaimer: This City Council Recap is taken from my personal notes and memories of the meeting. For the official minutes of the meetings please visit the City web page.

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