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City Council Recap

Happy Wednesday! Here is the recap from last night. We had a special call meeting before the work session.

I would also like to thank again our law enforcement, administration, and public works for the great work they did in handling the protest on Saturday. Their advanced planning was integral in keeping violence and damage to a minimum and zero arrests. Thank you for all you do!!

Special Called Meeting

New Business

A. Stone Mountain Village Forward Master Plan Adoption. The DDA was tasked in 2019 by the City Council to have a down town master plan, marketing plan and to apply for the rural zone designation, which would provide employer tax credits for new and expanding businesses in the City. The plan was fully funded in 2019 for approximately $150k. The plan adoption was denied by council. Two council members voted in favor, 3 voted against and 1 abstained.

The DDA will continue to work to address the concerns of council members as the master plan is critical for the future growth of the Village. I would like to thank everyone who participated, gave their input and ideas for the master plan. You input is important to the City and is needed to shape our community's growth.

B. Intergovernmental Agreement for Distribution and use of Proceeds from Coronavirus Relief Fund. Approval was given for the Mayor to execute the final agreement. The agreement is between the County and the Cities of DeKalb to obtain a portion of the CARES Act funding, approximately $700k would be allotted to the city, it would have to be expended prior to December 31st and can only go towards COVID-19 related expenses.

C. Discussion was had on formalizing the operational guidelines for City Hall to adhere to Court Services Compliance in regards to COVID-19. The City Attorney is drafting a resolution that will be brought forward for council approval.

New Ordinance and Resolutions

A. Ordinance 2020-03 to Deannex Property at 5287 Mountain Village Court and 694 Ridge Avenue was adopted. The property owners requested to be removed from the City and has already been approved by the County.

Work Session

New Business

A. The presentation from the City Auditor on the FY2019 Audit Report was postponed, as the auditor had a conflict and could not attend.

B. Request for Conveyance of City Property - Ferndale Street, Anna Bostick Requestor. Ms. Bostick lives at the end of the dead end street and has issues with people running into their property trying to turn around. Discussion ensued on the best course of action to mitigate the ongoing problem. City Manager and Public Works Director will be reviewing options.

New Ordinances and Resolutions

A. Resolution 2020-17 FY2020 Budget Resolution was discussed. Expense increases include legal services for refinance of city hall, special events to include council retreat in January, scanners for court, overtime pay for police. Decreases include group health insurance, computers and contingencies. The net increas/decrease in General Fund is $7,700.

Disclaimer: This City Council Recap is taken from my personal notes and memories of the meeting. For the official minutes of the meetings please visit the City web page.

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