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Council Recap - December 1, 2020

I hope everyone had a good weekend! I'm a little late but here is what happened at last week's Council Meeting.

Oath of Office

The Mayor read the oath of office and swore in the new members of the Planning Commission (Jelani Linder, Eileen Smith, Alex Brennan, Chancey Parker, and Felicia Evans) and the new members of the Historic Preservation Commission (Anita Bass, Theresa Hamby, Daniel Cook, Ryan Smith, Andrea Redmond, Ralph Stowell, and Elaine Vaughn). Thank you to our new members for their willingness to serve our community!

Unfinished Business

A. COVID Relief Programming - Small Business Relief Program: an update was given on discussion between Administration and LISC who is the proposed 3rd party vendor that will administer the program. Also, I provided an updated from the subcommittee I was asked chair in which we were asked to review the guidelines and provide recommendations for the full Council to act on. Recommendations include a total program funding of $250k plus the 15% administration fee. For profit brick and mortar businesses would be allotted 60% of the funding, Non-profits allotted 25% and home based businesses the remaining 15%. Councilmember Hollis felt strongly that a preference should be given to businesses who have operated in the Village for more than 10 years. I stated that this seemed like an unnecessary bias to add to the process. The program is set to be approved in the next few weeks and will be open to applicants in early January. Individual awards would likely be $7,500 each.

Side note: the Mortgage / Rent / Utility Relief program for residents is on going. Find more information here:

B. Council Policy Discussion - no updates on this. City Attorney and Administration are working on the subsequent ordinances to be presented to Council at a later date.

New Business:

A. Consent Agenda - The annual appoints / contract under this item will be voted on at a special called meeting to be held December 15, 2020. Therefore no action was taken. See my previous blog post for details.

B. Approval was given for the Pay and Classification Plan and associated personnel classification plan. This accounts for a 1.03% cost of living adjustment for employees.

New Ordinances and Resolutions

A. Ordinance 2020-12 Budget for Fiscal Year 2021 was adopted 5-1 with Councilmember Hollis voting against. The total City budget for 2021 is approximately $5 million and includes all functions, services, and employee salaries for the City. Questions and discussion was had on the DDA and their portion of the budget which is approximately $180k and includes the salary of 1 employee.

B. Resolution 2020-24 was adopted to set the Official Holiday Schedule for 2021. This includes the addition of the Juneteenth Holiday (unpaid).

C. Resolution 2020-25 was adopted for the Appointment of the Prosecuting Attorney (Jeff Strickland) and Assistant Prosecuting Attorney (Kenneth O'Rourke). This is an annual appointment.

D. First Read was made for Ordinance 2020-13 - Approving the Annexation of Property - 6427 JBR Memorial Dr. and 6441 JBR Memorial Dr. The majority of these properties currently reside within the City Limits with small portions within the County. The annexation, if approved, would bring the entire property into the City Limits.


Councilmember Bryant and City Manager Thornton gave an update on the planning of an event to provide baskets to City Seniors. Stockings for children are being added to the event. Tentatively scheduled for December 19th. Look out for more information to come.

Disclaimer: This City Council Recap is taken from my personal notes and memories of the meeting. For the official minutes of the meetings please visit the City web page.

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