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July 6th - Council Recap

Happy Wednesday! It's been a few weeks since I posted a recap. Refreshing to have a week with no meetings!

Last night was the regular voting meeting. There were 2 items in unfinished business, Hearthstone Subdivision Covenant Restrictions and Easement agreement for 5197 Central Drive. Hearthstone - the City Attorney has been in contact with them, they are willing to stipulate 50% of the homes would be allowed for rentals. The court order the City has been under for that development stated that all of the homes would be home owner occupied, and the City had requested 15% as a compromise. City Attorney will continue to work on the issue. Update on the easement agreement, we have received the stamped easement plat and are awaiting to hear from the homeowner if they agree to the final cost of the easement. Hopefully this will finally be resolved.

New Business had 8 items for consideration. Conditional Use request for 1051 Hill Street for Bed and Breakfast Home Facility was approved. This will allow the homeowner to utilize 2 bedrooms in the home as a B&B/vacation rental. Parking Variance application for 5368 E. Mountain Street was approved. Permit application for Zayo Fiber Solutions to install aerial fiber in the City right-of-way was approved. The request to provide and maintain landscaping at the Northside Heartstrings Plot in the cemetery was approved. Update was given on the extension of sidewalk on E. Mountain Street to the gate of Stone Mountain Park. City Manager has been in communication with the Memorial Association on the matter and will meet with them in the coming weeks. An additional stop sign at 2nd and Manor was approved, this will make the intersection a 3-way stop. The contract for fireworks display during the Christmas Parade was approved. The parade will be held Saturday, December 7th. And finally, discussion was had on nuisance abatement for 2 properties on Evans Lane and 4th Street. The City Attorney has researched the properties and found that the County owns them. The City Manager and Code Enforcement will meet with County officials to discuss our findings and move forward on demolishing the run down structures and clearing the lots.

There were 2 items in New Ordinances and Resolutions. Resolution 2019-18 Pursuant to the Fair Treatment of Our Citizens passed unanimously. I am very proud of this item as I authored the resolution. We had previously been discussing an extensive ordinance to establish means to investigate instances of discrimination. However, that process will be timely and require additional funding to fully implement. I am excited we took this first step in passing the resolution. The 2nd item was a budget amendment to the 2019 budget.

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