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Let's Catch up!

Happy February! Let's catch up on our trip to the State Capitol and the Voting Meeting!

State Capitol

The DeKalb Municipal Association hosted lunch for the DeKalb House Delegation on Tuesday. Mayor Wheeler, Councilmember Hollis, Councilmember Monroe, City Manager Thornton, City Clerk Minor, Communication Liaison Richards, and myself were in attendance.

We had an opportunity to hear from the Delegation on some of the issues they are working on, specifically the State Budget and the DeKalb Ethics Bill. We also heard a summary presentation of the results of the Study on the impact to the County of 2 proposed cities forming, Vista Grove and Greenhaven. Combined the 2 cities could impact the County budget by about $20 million. What is not clear at this time is if the cities form how will the County handle the lost revenue? They could raise the millage rate or even reduce services. Either option would have a significant impact on everyone in the County. The House Representatives made it clear that they need to hear from constituents on this issue. Whether you are for it or against it, live in an impacted area or not, please contact your State Legislators! If you live in the City of Stone Mountain contact Senator Steve Henson and Representative Billy Mitchell.

City Council Meeting

There was no unfinished business

New Business

The contract for services agreement between the City and project Transformation North Georgia, Inc to provide a summer reading camp and other services was approved. The City will fund a portion of the cost of 2 interns to help with the program and 25% of the students in attendance will come from the City.

The appointments by the Mayor to the Board of Ethics was withdrawn until a later date, question was asked about potential conflicts of interest.

The following appoints by the City Council to the Board of Ethics were approved:

  • Jeff Carey by Councilmember Little

  • Valencia Reid by Councilmember Stroud Cox

  • Andrea Redmond by Councilmember Hollis

  • Jacquelyn Wyer Neubauer by Mayor Pro Tem Johnson

  • Chancey Parker by Councilmember Monroe

  • Steve Higgins by Councilmember Bryant

The Continuation of Administration of Rome Class Hotel Incremental Tax Fund was approved.

New Ordinances and Resolutions

Resolution 2020-02 for exemption from Open Container Regulations for the Mardi Gras Parade Event to be held on February 22, 2020 was adopted.

Resolution 2020-04 FY2019 Budget Amendment was adopted. It is anticipated this will be the last reconciliation of the FY2019 budget.

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