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November 19th Council Recap

Good morning and Happy Wednesday! Before I get into the recap I just want to thank everyone who participated in the At the Table Event this past Saturday! It was a huge success with more than 200 people in attendance! The buzz is already building for next years event!

On to the long post!

Public Hearing

The public hearing was held on the FY2020 proposed budget. Council was formally presented the budget on November 7th and are slated to adopt the budget on December 3rd. This is a working draft until it is adopted. If you have questions please submit them to the administration, council members or the Mayor. The budget can be found on the City Website.

Special Call Meeting

There was one item on the agenda of the special call meeting. Council adopted ordinance 2019-09 to annex property into the City. The parcels being annexed, at their request, are 5417, 5422, 5428, 5439, and 5442 Park Circle.

Council Work Session

Committee reports were given by the DDA: the monthly reporting to DCA has been submitted on time and we are in good standing, DDA will be withdrawing from the contract to purchase the old MARTA lot, and working with the Mardi Gras parade to finalize an agreement through Main Street to host the proposed parade. Parks and Rec meet on November 18th, will be presenting recommendations for the parks to Council soon, the next meeting is scheduled for December 2nd at 7pm.

Staff Reports were provided by Code Compliance (noted that there have been evictions and that neighbors should inform Code Compliance if items have been placed on the curb), Public Works (Stormwater projects have been completed on Zachary Drive, Stone Trace and Main Street); Police (Chief will be working with the local churches to schedule classes to inform citizens on the dangers of sex trafficking and how to stay safe); City Clerk (during October no new construction permits have been issued and 14 trade permits have been issued); Tourism (Trunk or Treat was a huge success and the Christmas Parade will be held on December 7th, festivities start at 4pm, the parade will begin at 6pm and fireworks will follow).

City Manager Report included her gratitude for the successful event this past Saturday, gave an update on the ongoing FY2020 budget process, and a review of the current FY2019 budget. She anticipates having an additional budget amendment for Council to approve on December 3rd as we tie up year end expenditures.

Unfinished Business: Discussion continued on the covenant restrictions for the Hearthstone Subdivision. The subdivision owner has not agreed to lower the percentage of rental properties to less than 50%, council would prefer the percentage be closer to 25%.

New Business:

Consent Agenda: Multiple annual renewals will be included in the consent agenda, including:

City Auditor, City Engineers, Assistant City Attorney, Chief Municipal Judge, Associate Municipal Judges, the legal organ, renewal of contracts with ART Station, Profession Probation Services, Stone Mountain Memorial Association, VFW Community Garden, Community Champion, Stone Mountain Historical Society, and City Solicitors. Council gave consensus to solicit bids for the City Attorney position.

Renewal of Property & Casualty Insurance with Pritchard and Jerden

Council reviewed the proposed agreement between the City and Stone Mountain Memorial Association for the extension of sidewalk along E. Mtn to the Park Gate. Project would also include closing an open drainage ditch and replacing it with a pipe. The cost would be split 50/50 and the park would maintain the storm water structures, while the City would maintain the sidewalk. Estimated cost for the project is about $70,000 ($35,000 from each).

Council reviewed the consent for the City to apply for a Tourism Product Development Grant on the behalf of Sweet Potato Cafe. The City would act as the conduit for the grant, but would not be responsible for the necessary matching funds.

New Ordinances & Resolutions:

The First read for the proposed Ordinance 2019-12 FY 2020 budget was read. Again, it is anticipated the budget will be adopted on December 3rd.

The First read of Ordinance 2019-13 to amend Chapter 14 Municipal Court and revise the court schedule. Regular session of court shall convene on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday at 3pm, 1st and 3rd Thursday at 9am and the 2nd and 4th Thursday at 9am and 10:30am

Resolution 2019-29 to set the Official Holiday Schedule for 2020

Resolution 2019-30 for the annual appointment of an election superintendent for 2020, being City Clerk Mallory Q. Minor

Resolution 2019-31 Appointment of Prosecuting Attorney (this will be determined with the appointment of the City Attorney) and Assistant Prosecuting Attorney (Kenneth O'Rourke).

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