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November 7th Council Recap

Happy Saturday! My apologies for the delay in getting this posted. Council meeting was moved to Thursday night because of the Election. I would also like to say THANK YOU! one more time. I do appreciate all of the support I received and continue to receive. I look forward to working for this great village for another 4 years! Let the long post begin...

Public Hearing

One item was on the agenda, a vacation home rental at 729 Pepperwood Trail. People spoke in favor and against the request.

Council Meeting

Unfinished Business:

Hearthstone Subdivision - still waiting to hear back from the owners lawyers, no update on this item.

Extension of East Mountain Street Sidewalk - Item was tabled until the Work Session. Consensus of Council was to have the City Manager present an agreement between the Park and City. Mayor also mentioned that she had entered into an agreement with the Park over a trail grant. I have no further information on this item.

New Business:

The Street Name Change of Venable Street to "Eva Mamie Lane" was approved, 5 council members in favor and 1 abstained. I personally was proud to see the positive community support on this item. I also asked that we move forward an producing a plaque for the women that would explain who they were and what they meant to our community. AJC has written a good article on this:

Application for conditional use for a vacation home facility at 729 Pepperwood Trail was denied. There were concern on whether the applicant was truly the owner or representative of the trust that owns the property.

Lease agreement with Georgia Municipal Association to lease 2 police vehicles and equipment in the amount of $104,291.30 for a 4 year term was approved.

2020 Mardi Gras Parade - the organizing group is entering into agreements with the DDA / Main Street to host the parade. There will be no action for Council to take and the item will be removed from our agenda.

The City Manager presented the official FY2020 draft budget to the Council. The budget can be found on the City Website, and there will be a public hearing on it on November 19th at 6:30pm. Council is slated to approve the budget at the December voting meeting.

Two personnel policies recommended by the City Manager were approved. They were a fraternization policy and an anti-harassment policy.

The police department request to surplus property was approved.

The request for public works to purchase a new brush cutter and grapple bucket from Lashley Tractor Sales was approved.

New Ordinances and Resolutions:

Conducted the first read on Ordinance 2019-09 to Annex Property into the City. This is to annex 5 parcels on Park Circle at their request. The second read will be held on November 19th.

Adopted Ordinance 2019-10 to amend the Busking ordinance to clarify the length of the permit, making it an annual permit.

Adopted Resolution 2019-26 to see the fee for the Busking permit at $40 annually

Adopted Ordinance 2019-11 to amend Chapter 24 Solid Waster to Reference Incorporated Stone Mountain

Adopted Resolution 2019-27 to approve the application of Byers Engineering on behalf of Zayo Group to install telecommunications in the right-of-way along West Mountain, East Mountain and 4th Street.

Adopted Resolution 2019-28 a FY2019 budget amendment to account for the requisition of one police vehicle and the public works equipment (brush cutter and grapple bucket).

Executive Session:

Joint session was held with the DDA to discuss real estate - discussion only no action to be taken

Personnel - motion was made in open meeting for the addition of an Assistant City Manager position in the personnel policy. Motion was approved unanimously.

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