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October 1st City Council Recap!

Happy Wednesday and Welcome to Fall! I know it is still 90 degrees, but the calendar says it is fall! Here is your recap from the Public Hearing and Voting meeting last night.

Public Hearing:

The public hearing was held on changing a portion of Venable Street to Eva Mamie Lane. The original request to Council was to rename the street between 3rd and 4th street. After the public hearing was advertised an amended request was received to rename the entire street. That public hearing will be on October 15th. Last night it was overwhelming opinion that the entire street name be changed.

Voting Meeting:

Unfinished Business -

Hearthstone Subdivision - after much discussion Council approved giving the City Manager the authority to negotiate with the subdivision on the percentage of the rental properties allowed between 15% and 25%. Our original request was 15% and the Builder is asking for 50%.

Update was given on the extension of sidewalk along E. Mountain Street to the park gate. The Park's estimate is a total of $92,500. Council will be receiving a break down of those costs. No action was taken on this item.

The original request to rename a portion of Venable Street was denied in order to consider the amended request to rename the entire street. Again the proposed name that has been submitted to Council is "Eva Mamie Lane". The consideration of the entire street name change will be on the Work Session agenda and will have a public hearing on October 15th.

New Business:

The contract with Clark Patterson & Lee was approved to provide the 2019-2020 MS4 Annual Report and Dry Weather Screening. This is a requirement of the City annually to inspect our stormwater system.

The City of Stone Mountain @the Table Event was approved. The event will be held November 9th beginning at 2pm and will be held on Main Street. The street will be closed from Manor to Mimosa between 12pm and 6pm. Volunteers are needed for the event, a volunteer meeting has been scheduled for October 10th at 6pm at City Hall. If you are interested in volunteering please contact Micah Richards at City Hall or by email

The request to dispose of the dilapidated playground equipment at Medlock Park was approved. The old wooden equipment is falling apart and does not meet current safety codes.

The addendum to revise the contract with ART Station to include the installation of the Granite Workers Sculpture on their property was approved. If you will recall the sculpture used to sit in the median on Main Street and was removed a few years ago due to safety concerns. This addendum will allow the sculpture to be placed near the corner of 2nd Street and Manor Drive. The funds for the installation was already allocated for in the 2019 budget so no additional funding will be needed.

New Ordinances and Resolutions:

The Busking and Street Performance amendment to Chapter 12 was adopted. This will allow a business to obtain a license to allow street performances to occur in front of their businesses.

Resolution to change the date of the November voting meeting from November 5th to November 7th at 6:30pm was approved. Per code we cannot hold a meeting on the same day as an election, which is why the meeting needed to be moved.

Budget amendment to the FY2019 budget was approved allowing for the funding of the @the Table Event in the amount of $5000.

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