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September 17th Council Recap

Good afternoon! A late start with the recap, but here you go!

Work Session:

Reports were given from the DDA and Parks and Rec committee. Parks and Rec will meet again on October 7th and the next DDA meeting is on September 23rd. The DDA recently voted to enter into negotiations with Pond Company to perform the Downtown Master Plan. Parks and Rec had a successful tour of all the parks earlier in the month.

Staff Reports were given from Code Compliance, Public Works, Police, City Clerk, Tourism Manager, and the City Manager. Chief reported that some arrests have been made in the car break-ins, but reminded everyone to make sure your cars are locked and contain no valuables. Director Tavenner brought forward a recommendation from Parks and Rec to remove the dilapidated playground equipment at Medlock Park. Also, bids will go out soon for the repaving of Lucille, this will be only for the portion of the road that lies within the City, we are working with the County on the remainder.

Unfinished Business:

Hearthstone - no movement on this item. The builder has recently requested a meeting with the Mayor and City Manager, they are working to schedule the meeting.

East Mountain Street Sidewalk - no additional information on this item. The City has requested the cost breakdown for the proposed project from Stone Mountain Memorial Association but has not received it yet.

Street Name Change - There has been a request to amend the original request to include renaming all of "Venable Street" to "Mamie Ella Lane Street". The original request asked for only a block to be renamed. A public hearing will be advertised as required before Council can take action. City Manager suggested that if / when approved a proclamation could be generated to celebrate the name change.

New Business:

FY 2019-20 MS4 Annual Report and Dry Weather Screening Proposal - Clark Patterson Lee: This is a required annual report the City must submit to the EPD. It requires an inspection and report on the condition of all the stormwater structures within the City.

City of Stone Mountain @theTable Event - City Manager presented her proposal to hold a citywide dinner, the purpose being to have the community come together and share food and conversation at the same table. Proposed to hold the event on November 9th and will likely close Main Street in front of the Depot. Time has not been determined. We will be reaching out to local restaurants/ businesses and citizens to partner in the event. Stay tuned for more information!

Request for Disposal of Playground Equipment - Medlock Park - as mentioned earlier, the Parks and Rec committee is recommending removing the equipment as it is dilapidated and does not meet current safety regulations.

Re-installation of Public Art Work on ART Station Property - The City has been looking for a new location of the granite workers sculpture that used to sit in the median of Main Street new the speed hump / cross walk. Through the DDA's Design Committee a tentative agreement has been reached with ART Station to relocated the artwork to the corner of Manor and 2nd Street.

Ordinances and Resolutions:

Ordinance 2019-08 Busking and Street Performance - held the first read of the proposed ordinance that would all busking and street performances on Main Street. Applications would be made by existing business and would allow them to have the performers in front of the establishments. Ordinance was developed by a subcommittee of Councilwomen Little and Hollis, and Councilman Waller.

A presentation was also given by a group who would like to hold a Mardi Gras Parade on February 22nd. Parade application has been made and they will be meeting with City Administration to finalize the plans. Proposed route would be similar to the Christmas Parade and would conclude with a festival in the parking lot.

City Council will hold a special called 2020 Budget Workshop on October 4th at 4:30pm. This will be the first presentation of the proposed 2020 Budget by administration.

The next Government 101 Session on Historic Preservation will be held on September 26th at 6:30pm - Allison Duncan from the ARC will be presenting.

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